More than half of the adult population in North America includes some sort of dietary supplement in their daily diet. A number of factors are responsible for this. These include our health consciousness and our desire to take greater responsibility for making health-care decisions that directly affect the body we inhabit. This is sometimes related to dissatisfaction with traditional medicine and the overuse of drugs prescribed by many health practitioners.

Some consumers generally perceive that health supplements are safe and cannot hurt. This is not a valid perception of the power of herbs and isolates. There are significant scientific and regulatory issues to consider when taking supplements and those issues impact on product quality, dosage, ingredient information, product performance, duration of use and contraindications with other medications.

Our motto “Science in a Capsule” is intended to provide our customers with a web site that provides a clear understanding of the terms used in the health supplement industry, regulatory implications, pharmacology, health benefits and risks, databases of phytochemical properties, risks, and benefits, challenges of educating the consumer as well as the healthcare professional, standardizing botanical extracts, supplement delivery, product quality and performance, and the scientific barriers to establishing standards for the manufacture, product quality, and performance.

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